“I started out enjoying the film well enough (Back to the future), although I still wasn’t totally sold on the name (McFly). But then, it got to the sequence in the movie where Bif is chasing Marty McFly and crashes into the manure truck. ‘Whoa’ I shouted suddenly. ‘Go back! Go back!’… On the side of the manure truck were the words: D.Jones Manure Hauling. Fate. 'McFly’s the name!’ I shouted. Tom and James looked at me almost in disbelief. It was an amazing moment. The beginning of everything”. - Danny Jones


Harry Judd's birthday message for Vicky Jones.

I want this for my birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone wants to give me Dougie as a present for my birthday? Nobody? Ok :(

thisneonsign whispered: Muuuuuuy feliz cumpleaños hermosa!!! Que lo pases de maravilla!

ay pero muchas gracias!!!!!!! *-*

Just 1 hour till my birthday! :D

Happy 29th Birthday Tom Fletcher.

I remember you used to be the chubby one in the band, a very shy guy who always covered his face when he smiled or laughed. I know you went through many problems but you fought them all and now you are a strong and confident man. Even though you don’t know this you help me day by day, you are my inspiration. Thank you for everything.

Praying for the families who lost their loved ones.


Coach Finstock + favorite quotes

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