Happy 29th Birthday Tom Fletcher.

I remember you used to be the chubby one in the band, a very shy guy who always covered his face when he smiled or laughed. I know you went through many problems but you fought them all and now you are a strong and confident man. Even though you don’t know this you help me day by day, you are my inspiration. Thank you for everything.

Praying for the families who lost their loved ones.


Coach Finstock + favorite quotes

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jaureason asked: dinah’s legs or camila’s hair

#but look at the way lydia cocks her head #when she hears just how much Stiles cares about Malia #and when they finish their conversation #stiles and lydia make eye contact in the mirror #but she looks away #because she realized that her and Stiles had something good going #and she’s afraid that she’s about to lose someone else #so she looks away as quick as she can #because it’s weird to imagine stiles with someone other than her #but on the other hand #she doesn’t want to ruin what stiles and malia have #the roles have been reversed and now she’s the one putting Stiles’ happiness before her own #now look me in the eyes #and tell me that in that moment Lydia didn’t surprise herself #and realize that she might have feelings for Stiles Stilinski 



Mila Kunis Against Men Saying “We Are Pregnant” - Video



i don’t want to date any boys i just want to make them all wish they were dating me